Sports Taping – Wrist

10 June 2021

Following up on our earlier post on sports taping for the fingers, here how you tape the wrist. The wrist is another area prone to injury especially when pushed backward too hard and far. Taping helps prevent this.

Figure 1:

  1. Using a wider rigid tape (38mm), start at the side of the wrist(1).
  2. Then, pull tightly across.

Figure 2:

  1. Wrap the tape lightly under the wrist. Note there is little tension on the tape.
  2. Then, start pulling the tape tight under places too much pressure on the veins and nerves that pass through the area under the skin to the hand and fingers. If too tight, blood circulation and sensation will be affected.

Figure 3:

  1. Finish off the wrapping over again.
  2. Thereafter, here pull the tape tightly as in step 1.

Figure 4:

  1. Then, check the skin just above the edge of the tape that it not puckered (1).
  2. Thereafter, if it puckered, the tape is too tight.

Figure 5:

  1. Note that the skin dips in less under than over the top as it is not as tight(1)

Figure 6:

  1. Lastly, check that the wrist is able to flex.

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