Sports Taping – Ankle

The ankle is prone to twisting from either landing awkwardly or too sudden a change in direction. Taping up the ankle using the figure-8 technique helps provide support but still ensure sufficient movement in the ankle. Calvin Sim, a senior physiotherapist from shows us how in this sports taping series.


Figure 1:

  1. Push the foot back until it is a neutral position, roughly 90 degrees to the lower leg, as if you are standing upright on your foot. The athlete should hold this foot position during taping.

Figure 2:

  1. Starting from just ankle at the bone protrusion, tape down across the center point at where the ankle bends. Ensure that the tape is taut and smooth.

Figure 3:

  1. Tape the foot underneath the arch (closer to the heel).

Figure 4 & 5:

  1. Continue to the other side.
  2. Pull the tape across the same center point at where the ankle bends forming an ‘X’.

Figure 6 & 7:

  1. Pull the tape across the other bone protrusion.
  2. Wrap behind the ankle and end the tape at where it first started.
  3. Check to ensure that ankle can move freely and it not too tight.

Figure 8:

  1. For more support, repeat steps 2-7 for a second round of tape place slight off the first round.

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