Shoulder Pain: The Winging Scapula

30 May 2021
singapore physiotherapy for shoulder pain

Winging scapula (shoulder blades) refers to the scapula lifting away from the rib cage with certain arm movements. It indicates a weakness of serratus anterior, lower trapezius and rhomboid muscles.

It is very common to see winging scapulas in patients with shoulder complaints such as impingement and thoracic pain; and therefore treatment regimes ought to consider correcting the winging.

Below are some useful exercises to strengthen the muscles mentioned.

Serratus Anterior Activation

Push Up Plus - Serratus Anterior Exercise for Winged Scapula

Lower Trapezius Strengthening

21. Lower Trapezius Strengthening

Rhomboid Activation

Prone Cobra (Rhomboid Activation) - Nutrex Solutions

It may be advisable to consult the advice of your GP or physiotherapist before commencing these exercises.

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