Prevent Shoulder Pain With 3 Rotator Cuff Exercises

12 June 2021

A typical complaint frequently brought up among people who play sports is shoulder pain. In particular rotator cuff injuries. Shoulder injuries can be extremely painful and slow to heal. But there are numerous exercises to help you recover from shoulder pain.

Internal Rotation Exercise

Shoulder Internal Rotation Exercise

Place a towel under your arm to ensure your elbows are tucked in and not flaring out. Work on the arm next to the band, and turn your arm inward across your body. Repeat 10-15 times and keep your forearm parallel to the ground.

External Rotation Exercise

Shoulder External Rotation Exercise
Shoulder External Rotation Exercise

Keep the band at waist level and work on the arm further from the band. Turn your arm outward away from your body. Repeat 10-15 times and keep your forearm parallel to the ground.

Alternate with your thumbs facing up, in or out, allowing your rotator cuff muscles to be trained from different angles. If it’s too easy, you can step further away from the wall or take a step back if it’s too difficult for you at the moment.


Shoulder Pull-Aparts Exercise
Shoulder Pull-Aparts Exercise

This third exercise works on improving your posture by allowing you to work on the upper back and giving the support you need for that shoulder to overcome shoulder pain.

Grasp the elastic band in both hands with your elbows straight. Move your arms away from each other, out to the sides. Slowly return to the start position and repeat 10-15 times.

Elastic bands are ideal for rehab exercises, in this case for shoulder pain, as they don’t rely on gravity to provide resistance, this increases its potential for more functional movement patterns in everyday and sport-specific activities. When using free weights, you also run the risk of straining the same spot you injured during lifting.

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