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Shoulder Impingement Exercise Part 1-2: Upright Row

[continues from Shoulder Impingement Exercise Part 1-1: Low Row]

1. Upright Row (Presented Chye Tuan)

The second exercise is called an Upright Row. So I will demostrate this exercise to you.

With the mid-height cable, take a step backwards. Stand with a soft knee. And what you are going to do is to pull the cable back with the elbow bent towards yourself and slowly release.

Pull (the cable) towards yourself with a slow release.

Again at all times, maintain a posture of you pulling your shoulder blades backwards and downwards, and not allowing it to round forward this way.

So this trains the middle trapezius and lower trapezius muscles to hold the scapula in place.

And this is called the Upright Row.

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