Scoliosis: Assess Your Child

Scoliosis is a problem more commonly seen in young females. A very simple way to assess to see if a child has it is through the Adam’s forward bend test.

The child will lean forward and bend 90 degrees at the hip, with their hands placed between their legs. The examiner from behind, can then easily determine any asymmetry of the trunk or any abnormal spinal curvatures. Abnormalities at both the shoulder, mid back, or the lower back may be seen. This is dependent on the type of scoliosis the child has.

Normal spine vs. Spine of scoliosis individual
Normal spine vs. Spine of scoliosis individual in an Adam’s forward bend test

It is a useful test. The condition is, however, missed 15% of the time. Therefore, doing it should not be done in isolation.

Should you suspect or have a child with a diagnosis of scoliosis, feel free to book in to see on of our therapists that specialises in management and bracing.

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