A quick fix: Pregnancy associated Pubic pain

You may be familiar with pubic pain, associated with pregnancy. Physiotherapy intervention is well documented and understood when dealing with obstetrics.

Occasionally  due to tight adductors muscles, the pubic bone can be pulled down on one side. When a therapist assesses the pubis, this difference between the left and right pubis is palpable and quite noticeable.

A very useful Muscle Energy Technique (MET), involves instantly correcting this positional default by simply resisting the affected leg into adduction and extension from an abducted and flexed position (this should only be carried out by an experienced physician to prevent worsening of symptoms).

The result of the MET is often instantaneously for both the therapist who is palpating the pubis (who will notice a marked improvement in the left to right side) and the patient who will feel an immediate reduction in symptoms.

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