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Predicting Running Related Injuries in Male and Female Novice Runners

In a study of 532 novice runners (226 men, 306 women) preparing for a recreational 4-mile (6.7-km) running event. After completing a baseline questionnaire and undergoing an orthopaedic examination, they were followed during the training period of 13 weeks.  Running Related Injuries (RRI) was defined as any self-reported running-related musculoskeletal pain of the lower extremity or back causing a restriction of running for at least 1 week.

Twenty-one percent of the novice runners had at least one RRI during follow-up. Male and female novice runners have different risk profiles

The model for male participants showed that body mass index (BMI) , previous injury in the past year , and previous participation in sports without axial load  were associated with RRI.

In female participants, only navicular drop remained a significant predictor for RRI. Type A behavior and range of motion (ROM) of the hip and ankle did not affect risk.

Source: Am J Sports Med February 2010 38:273-280 doi:10.1177/0363546509347985

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