M.I.C.E or R.I.C.E.

"We play a lot of sports and are familiar with RICE or RICER. But lately we been hearing a bit about MICE and how that is the new thing replacing RICE. " – a bunch of rugby players.

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Rest, ice, compress, elevate and refer (R.I.C.E.R) to a medical professional is what most sports people will do to manage an acute injury like a muscle pull or ankle sprain. Recently, M.I.C.E has been gaining popularity with "Movements" replacing "Rest". It is important that the movements are done safely.

xAppropriate and specific movements like stretching during the acute phase of an injury can shorten healing time, reduce scar tissue formations and prevent secondary issues like muscle wasting. This is why ankle sprains are no longer managed with casts but with exercise rehabilitation.

At the same time, movements can potentially aggravate the injury if not done right. Therefore, M.I.C.E is safe only if prescribed by your medical professional. Otherwise, just RICE it.

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