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Knock Knees – Can I reverse it? (Part 2)

In the previous entry for Knock Knees, we discuss about the different types of knock knees and the contributing factors of it. Now, we will talk about the problems of this condition and ways we could get rid of it.

The Problems of this condition

The alignment of the knee joint in someone with knock knees is such that there is an increased force on the medial (inner) part of the knee joint. This can predispose the knee joint to osteoarthritis because of the increased loading on the medial compartment.
Symptoms from this may not even present within the knee joint, you may have ankle problems or hip problems as a result of having knock knees.

How do I get rid of it?

External aids:

1. Orthotics

The knee joint may appear to be misaligned if the foot is not biomechanically sound. This means that someone with a very pronated/inverted/flat feet may be at risk of developing a symptoms similar to someone with knock knees. Placing an insole or orthotics device may help correct the foot position, and indirectly the alignment of the knee joint.

2. Knee braces

These can help prompt correct alignment of the knee joint, but may create a degree of dependency.

3. Strengthening

A physiotherapist can design an exercise program to help strengthen weak muscles. By focussing on the specific muscles that require strengthening, you will put your body is a safe healthy direction, and will be able to train for all types of sporting challenges and limit your risk of injury.

4. Stretching

Stretching is an important component of knock knee reversal. When a joint has spent all it’s time in a misaligned position, certain structures will shorten and become stiff. Stiffness in the joints and muscles will make it very difficult to train and strengthen the area. A physiotherapist can assess the position of your knee, ascertain which structures are tight, and give you an appropriate stretching program.


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