Knee Support for PFPS

A knee support helps by externally pulling the knee cap back into the groove so that it can sit nicely within it. As mentioned in a previous article on ” Do you need a Knee Support?”, the mal-alignment increases the wear and tear to the cartilages. In this article, I will highlight two basic types of knee support that are suitable for such a condition.

The first type is the sock-like knee support that wraps around the knee joint works by compressing the knee cap against the joint. But wait, wouldn’t that increase the pressure behind the knee cap? Not really, it allows for the knee cap to sit in a more congruent position, spreading the pressure over a wider surface area and hence decreasing the pressure.

The second one suitable for PFPS is the knee support with a open window does not give the compressive force. It works by pulling the knee cap inwards to counter the pull from the ITB. This will again allow the knee cap to sit nicely in the groove, without the compressive pressure.

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