How Yoga Can Relieve Some Neck and Shoulder Problems


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With the increase in the number of desk-bound jobs, a common complaint among office workers would be neck pain and shoulder pain from spending too much time at the desk. Yoga can help with relieving some of these built-up muscle tension.

Below are a couple of reasons how and why yoga can help relieve some of your neck and shoulder problems:

  • Improved Postural Alignment

Our standing position isn’t as ideal as we’d like it to be. Our tendency to sag, lit, and jut every now and then causes our postural alignment to become less ideal. To correct that, we’ll need to strengthen certain muscle groups to provide better stability for our spine.

Practising yoga can help with strengthening muscles, while also helping you to become aware of your posture. Each class will involve poses such as Mountain Pose, High Lunge, Plank, and Downward Dog. The classes will emphasize the precision of the yoga movements and encourage you to engage in a better posture. Your body’s sense of proprioception will also improve as you regularly incorporate this yoga poses into your exercise routine to help improve your posture.

  • Make Muscles More Flexible and Stronger

Oftentimes, your workout can leave you with sore muscles, and muscle tension may be increased if you are not exercising in the proper form. You can try yoga to improve your physique, boost your overall mood and have peace of mind.

Most yoga poses aim to strengthen the muscles while keeping the muscle at a favourable length. Poses that usually help with shoulder and neck pain may include Cobra, Locust, Boat, Triangle and Side Angle Pose.

The time invested in yoga will equip you with more knowledge about the different yoga poses and how to use these stretches to strengthen your muscles.

  • Muscle Relaxation

Stress can contribute to muscle tension. Yoga can address the root of the problem by incorporating restorative poses that help you get into a relaxed position while concentrating solely on inhaling and exhaling.

During the initial phase of starting yoga, you may struggle to relax while performing the poses. With more sessions, you can integrate the knowledge into your exercise routine and stay relaxed even during your workout.

Despite the benefits of yoga, it may not completely resolve your neck or shoulder pain especially if the problem persists. Try looking for physiotherapy for shoulder pain in Singapore to get your condition assessed by experts. You can benefit from the professional advice of a physiotherapist and following the recommended course of treatment in your recovery.

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