Float away Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Float Away

One design firm has taken a innovative approach to resolving carpal tunnel syndrome; something that is plaguing whole swathe of office workers everywhere – a floating mouse that elleviate the need to rest your wrist on the table when using a mouse.

Czech Design firm, Kibardin Design, has taken the age old mouse design (internet time of course) to higher level with the BAT wireless mouse, literally.

It will doubtless come as no surprise that magnets keep the BAT levitating wireless mouse floating above its 240 mm (9.4 inch) diameter, 20 mm (0.7 inch) thick, mains-powered base. The mouse is able to however up 10mm with a 1000g (that’s 1kg) weight on it and up to 40mm when floating freely.

It is in pre-production stage at the moment but something we are should be keeping an eye for.

Source:  Kibardin Design

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