Circuit Pilates


Breathe Pilates at Camden  is revolutionising the way Pilates classes are being conducted by introducing Circuit Pilates.

What is Circuit Training?

In this 1 hour session, you’ll be challenged to keep your heart rate pumping by using more equipment than at a regular Pilates class  – including the Reformer, the Tower, the Split Pedal Chair and the Ladder Barrel – in a circuit format to provide a more varied class. It’s an intense full-body workout that will challenge and inspire the most experienced Pilates practitioner.

Suitable for all levels, you don’t need to be experienced at Pilates to try this class – and as the groups are kept small and cosy, you’ll get plenty of individual attention to maximise the effectiveness of your workout. Whatever your fitness level, you should expect to focus, work hard, and leave tired but energised.

There’s no set routine for a Pilates Circuit class, but you can expect a thorough whole-body conditioning workout, improving strength, stamina and overall physical functionality, expanding the Pilates repertoire to challenge and inspire even the most experienced client. For the injured client, it will help them keep fit while rehabilitating old injuries and preventing new ones.