Can Physiotherapy Help Improve Your Sleep?

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We know that sleep is always necessary but for some, it may not be exactly easy to achieve. Quality sleep in particular, is something that eludes many, particularly those who are in pain. This is how physiotherapists can help improve your quality of sleep – by relieving your pain.

Physiotherapists provide the care and expertise in injuries, illness, or disabilities that affect movement and physical function. They help provide manual therapy and provide treatment that helps you to manage the condition that you have. They are healthcare professionals that are focused specifically on enhancing mobility and quality of life of those who are affected physically. You can go to a physiotherapist to assess your condition and address pain woes with a knee joint pain treatment in Singapore for example, so you can be on your way to get a good night’s sleep.

Here’s how going for physiotherapy in Singapore can help:

  1. Better posture – A physiotherapist can tell if you have bad posture and they can also make an assessment if your bad posture is the reason that prevents you from getting proper sleep at night. If it is, they can educate you about what you need to do to fix it and give yourself some much-needed quality shut eye at night.
  2. Proper exercise – Exercise has been shown to help with sleep. Making it a part of your regular routine can contribute to your overall quality of life and a restful sleep. However, improper forms can hold you back quite a bit, making you take longer than necessary to recover, and sometimes, causing injuries and pain that could have otherwise been avoided. You will be guided with various exercises with the physiotherapist’s help to stretch and strengthen your muscles and at the same time, complement the effects of the given treatment for your physical condition.
  3. Sleeping position – Other than posture, another thing where a physiotherapist can help you with is to recommend a sleeping position that would be better for your posture so that it’s not as strenuous on the rest of your body. For example, sleeping on your tummy is not naturally good for your spine as it flattens the spine’s natural curve, leading to lower back pain. It can also cause a neck strain when the head is only turned to one side when you sleep throughout the night. A physiotherapist can work with you and suggest sleeping positions that are better for your body, or provide solutions such as stuffing pillows in the right places to minimise or even eliminate the strain on your body.

There are various physioclinics in Singapore that provide holistic care and treatment techniques. By consulting a physiotherapist, you’ll learn a lot more about your body and how it works and the possible causes of anything that may be disrupting you from living your daily life without any problem. A one-on-one approach is also a lot more personal and will help you better understand what exactly is causing you stress and sleeplessness. More importantly, because the exercise is tailored completely for you with guidance, you won’t be feeling the pain as much and be reaping a lot more of the benefits, including a good night’s sleep.

When it comes to your sleep issues, consider if you are experiencing any pain that may require professional assistance such as a knee joint pain treatment in Singapore. Now you can have a better idea of how much a physiotherapist can be of service to you and improve your sleep with physiotherapy.

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