4 signs that you may not be ready for Yoga

After our recent article, "Is Yoga Bad For You?", we had a lot of questions on what are the signs that they need to look out for and if they are ready for yoga. There are no sure answers depending on your condition and the competency and experience of the yoga instructor. But here are four simple questions that you can ask yourself. If the answers to the questions suggest that you should not do yoga, seek advice from your therapist.
Question Action
1. Do you have pains in your neck, back, shoulders or hips? YES indicates that you should not do yoga yet
2. Are you relatively flexible that you are able to move your pelvis without moving your back? or move your lower back without moving your upper back? NO indicates that you are not ready for yoga
3. Do you know what an ideal posture for the spine is? this is especially important if you have had history pain in your spine. NO indicates that you are not ready for yoga
4. Are you able to activate your core muscles without active bracing of the stomach? This is especially important if you have had a history of back pain NO indicates that you are not ready for yoga

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