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1 in 2 Singaporeans suffer from chronic knee pain


Do you have Knee Osteoarthritis?

Do you have degeneration or wear and tear in your knees?
73% of adults in Singapore are at risk of developing Knee Osteoarthritis. Join us on Sat, 9 April from 2pm to 4pm at Camden Medical Centre to hear from our partner doctor and trained physiotherapist on how to self-diagnose, prevent and manage this condition.

Are you taking part in the MetaSprint Triathlon?

$15 off your next Sports Massage session!
Exclusively for Metasprint Triathlon Racers

Posture and Pain

Lordotic/S-Shaped Posture
In the first of our three part series Posture & Pain, Principal Physiotherapist Sylvia Ho shares why a S-back posture is common in pregnant ladies.
She also shares how to prevent this posture and exercises to relieve such lower back pain.


Get to know your therapist
In this edition, find out the top 5 goals that Ken wants to achieve on his to do list in life.
Apart from being a physiotherapist, Cheryl is a loving mother to her 2 year old son – Tydus.
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Top 3 postures leading to back pain
In this three-part series on posture problems, Principal Physiotherapist, Sylvia Ho, our spinal specialist, explains how your posture could be the source of your back pain – and how to eliminate it for good.

Meet Li Sha

Running Gait Analysis
Li Sha is only 21 years old, but she was suffering from hip and lower back pain after running.
In this article, find out more about how Jordan – our Running Gait Analysis expert managed to help her!

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