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Christine is a mom of 2 boys and has been a hospitality professional for over 25 years. The prolonged hours of walking around in high heels placed a large amount of stress on her spine, which resulted in chronic lower back pain. That was when she started coming to Core Concepts back in 2004.

In this video, find out what made Christine stay with us for 12 years!

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Ritesh was experiencing issues with his shoulder and lower back – his deskbound job and sporty personality resulted in various aches and strains that affected his quality of life. He sought help from an orthopaedic doctor who then referred him to Core Concepts.

In this video, find out how our team of therapists and functional trainers managed to help Ritesh with his musculoskeletal aches. We can help you too! Call us at +65 6226 3632 to book an appointment now!


I would like to share my very positive experience with my physiotherapist Sophie Doyle.

I went to see Sophie for a recurrent back problem in early Aug at the Clinic at Campus. My back was not only stiff and aching, it was causing alot of issues in terms of my movements and sleep. On my first visit, Sophie was very patient in asking me many questions related to my back so that she had a clear understanding of the required interventions needed. She was very professional and her wealth of knowledge in treating similar cases as mine had her sharing many useful tips on how I can manage my condition better.

Given the nature of my job as largely desk-bound, Sophie taught me several useful exercises I can work on while at work! This really helped me a lot as I could steal a minute or two to catch up on some stretching. Although I stopped going to see her after 6 sessions as my condition is now better managed, she still stays in touch occasionally to check on my progress. This is very heartening to know, given that the relationship as patient and physiotherapist is now more than that. Thank you so much Sophie, for all the conversations and your help in allowing me to better manage my back condition! I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs some physiotherapy help!

Kindest regards,


I first came to Core Concepts, HFC for an knee injury that did not get well even after several months of treatment. I was introduced to Ken Liew, Senior Physiotherapist and today, after 6 sessions I like to believe that I am almost if not completely recovered.

Ken makes the journey enjoyable and engages while treating. He was able to anticipate and correct issues even before they happened. He was personable and we even went on to whats app to exchange updates and discuss how to get my knee back on track, and eventually my running program going again.

I like to thank Ken and compliment him on an amazing job done, I am sure I know who to come back to in the future should I require physio services, thanks Ken!


Jen Jee

Emily & Kumudini

I have been undergoing treatment for cervicogenic headache under Emily Heah. My quality of life had heavily deteriorated. I started the physiotherapy sessions in December end. There was a dramatic improvement in my headaches after about three sessions. Emily advised me to do some neck exercises on a regular basis. The team of therapists at Core Concepts are very friendly and dedicated in their approach. My condition has improved considerably and I am able to carry out my normal activities. I am extremely grateful to Emily Heah and Core Concepts.

– Kumudini

Lenia & Angie Was suffering from slipped disc (L5) two years ago, it was Ms Lenia Teo who attended to me. Lenia who is extremely knowledgeable, not only eased my soreness with her iron fingers and jokes, but shared loads of valuable exercises that I should do in order to recover quicker and strengthen the right muscles.

Can’t recommend highly enough! She is beyond description!


I was referred to Core Concepts by my sister who also had back problems. Lenia has been friendly and caring in her therapy. Most importantly she has been professional and helped me a lot with my back pain. She always prescribes easy to remember exercises that I can do at home to reduce my pain. I would not hesitate to recommend Core Concept to anyone who needs the help of a physiotherapist.

Yih Shian

I would like to commend Lenia for her great service- I’ve been with her for nearly 3 years, and she has always been able to fix my back when I overexert myself. Lenia also goes out of her way to help me on short notice given my busy schedule and commitments. I am truly grateful to be able to count on her to alleviate my pain. Lenia is also extremely approachable and warm- this is a great plus to me and one of the key reasons why I chose to stick with Core Concepts all these years.

Sincerely, Serena

lenia & serena

I would like to compliment Maheen Gul for her professionalism and dedication to her job and patients. I have been seeing her for the past 3 weeks and she is always showing a positive attitude, giving her best in every session to help me improve in my condition. Despite her young age, she is very skilled and equipped with the knowledge and definitely deserved to be praised. Maheen is a gem in the physiotherapy industry and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone in pain to her.

Thank you.


Dear Isaac
Thank you for your help and expert treatment this last week. My two visits have definitely alleviated my pain. I have to say, I am in a better state now than I was on Monday!

I am pleased to have met you. Core Concepts and you will be my first port of call in another emergency, and I will certainly recommend you to friends/acquaintances in need.

Kind wishes

Thank you Sophie for your treatments over the past 2 months. My neck and shoulders are significantly better and I have learnt some good stretches and tips to maintain.

I enjoyed our discussions during treatments, your humour and Irish banter made a pretty painful time tolerable.

Best wishes, Ben Patten

Thank you Core Concepts, especially Samuel Ong and Sarah Lee for a fantastic job done. I was impressed by their professionalism and in-depth knowledge, and not forgetting their top skills and attention to detail which has got me to a 120%. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Justin Wong
Sailing Asian Games 2014 Gold Medalist

Very professional physiotherapists who use multiple modalities to relieve pain in my neck a few years ago. They teach simple yet effective exercises too. Since then, I have better posture and know what to do when I have neck spasms. I have recommended Core Concepts to many friends and they have great things to say about Core Concepts too!

Pei Ling Ooi

I have been visiting Core Concepts for several years now with various issues including back and shoulder ache and pain. I suppose that’s part of the ageing process. Although I sometimes require a few visits to cure it, I have found the therapists professional and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work..

Quah Ban Huat

I was having an issue with my lower back and was fortunate to obtain a slot with one of Core Concept’s senior physiotherapist. I was asked about the problem, plus any other medical conditions before the therapist go to work on my back.

She also asked me to snap a picture of my office workspace, and once I sent it via email to her, her reply came soon thereafter with a series of recommendations on how I could improve the ergonomics of my workstation.

It took me only 1 additional visit to work through the back pain and thereafter was given a series of back stretching to do at home. I have also recommended my friends to visit Core Concepts when they have muscle issues to sort out.

Kenneth Low

Since the first time I met Cindy to deal with my persistent back pain years ago, I am constantly amazed at how Cindy can pay particular attention to tend to my immediate concerns and those beyond. She does not one across to me as someone who aims to seek business opportunities but rather one, who is concerned about my well-being. She even makes the effort to close the loop with me and to ensure that I stick to the bod conditioning regime. I am always at ease and comfortable whenever I have to see Cindy to deal with any pain-related issues.

Christopher Lee


As Sylvia looks for the key spot which causes the pain, the anticipation makes your entire body tingle.

Then she finds it and with great sympathy and gradual ruthlessness begins to work on it. Her skillful fingers probe and push, getting knotted muscles back into place and slowly relieving the pain.

After 15 to 20 minutes you are ready for the gradual reduction of pressure, a hot pack and a chance to catch your breath.

Persistent pain comes from long neglect to take steps to remove underlying causes.

A well trained physiotherapist like Sylvia is an immeasurable gift to the pain sufferers.

Patrick Mowe
A thankful patient

Core Concepts (specifically Chng Chye Tuan) was a recommendation from a friend to me. I am happy to have found Chye Tuan and have recommended him to others. The service is so good that you want to recommend it to others.

Simon Birch

“Core Concepts has helped me with my rehabilitation process ever since I had to undergo an operation for my knee about 5 years ago. My visits were particularly irregular, mainly due to the hectic school schedule.  Despite this, Core Concepts has always been understanding in this aspect and my recent experience with the clinic clearly displayed their highly professional service standards.

It is crucial that customers receive a well-rounded service experience from the moment the appointment is being made to leaving the clinic. Core Concepts has definitely met this expectation of mine. The service experience I have experienced was holistic and professional and I do hope that Core Concepts will maintain this outstanding standard of service delivery.”

Teh Yi Yun

“My severe frozen shoulder condition persisted for several months despite significant consultations with medical doctors, steroid injections as well as constant visits to the TCM practitioners using different approaches, i.e. acupuncture and Chinese Tui Na. I was then referred to Core Concepts by Dr Francis Wong and first met Mìsako for her  professional help some nine months ago on 7 September 2011. After only few sessions with Mìsako my severe shoulder pain was alleviated and I felt much more relieved.”

Faye Yeo

“I believe many people with chronic back pain problems begin to grow used to it and accept it as a part of our lives. After all, chronic back pain is quite a common condition in the modern world. However, through this experience with Core Concepts and Misako’s guidance, I have come to realize that each individual does not have to be another addition to the statistics and that there is indeed a long term solution which comes with the right knowledge, determination and persistence.”

Rowena Chew

I finished the run in 2:12 – not my fastest half marathon (1:54) but also not my slowest either.  The knee held up well with no pain whilst I was running nor any pain afterwards – even the following day. Many thanks for the treatment.

Cathy Emerson, Regional Delivery Director

Thanks for everything Core Concepts!

Russel Ong, Gold Medalists, Sea Games 2009

“ANZA Cycling is Singapore’s largest cycling club and our member’s participate in all forms and at all levels of the sport. Those seeking their best performance understand the benefits of a professional massage and they don’t come any better in Singapore than at Strong Massage.”

Marcus Coghlan
President ANZA Cycling

“I have found that my rehabilitation sessions over the past few months have been useful and effective. Core Massage provides me with an educational and systematic approach to my recovery from injury, and towards my progressive improvements in my sports performance. With this collaboration, I have learnt to address my muscular weaknesses, by focusing on rehabilitation, flexibility, core stability and performance – in that order. I am pleased with our results.”

Enrico Varella
Amateur Triathlete
10th, 40-49 Age Group
Oakley City Duathlon 2007

“I had calcaneus spurs from my heavy training.  The pain levels were high enough to put me off training. With the marathon coming up, Back2Sports helped me get back to training again quickly in the shortest possible time. Unfortunately, having stayed off training for some time, my running gait was off. I needed expert independent advice to get me back on track. With the help of the Marathon Bio-Technique Analysis programme, we were able to quickly spot the corrections that I need to make to get back into form.  There were even new ideas on how to improve it by comparing against some of the top African long-distance runners!”

Winner, 2004, 2005 & 2006
Singapore Men’s Category
Standard Chartered Marathon

“Chronic back pain has been a part of my life since giving birth to my child. It got to a point that I started taking medication for the pain. But I knew I was only masking the problem with medication. Since starting on my core stability exercises with Core Concepts, the pain levels have reduced to a point where I can live without medication! And the added bonus is that with a stronger back, I get to play more actively with my child!”

Janice Chan, Asst. Manager

“I thought the course (Core Fundamentals) was excellent and effective. My physiotherapist was a great instructor. Very knowledgeable and great attitude”

Amie Chu, Analyst

“I am avid sports person, competing in triathlons and endurance competitions on a regular basis. It is important to me that my physiotherapists are competent and have a deep understanding of my needs. I trust my family members with Core Concepts”

Octavio Gammara, General Manager

“I suffered from constant neck and shoulders pain. With the migraines that comes along with the pain, I often find it hard to get a good night’s sleep, if any at all. Since I started with core stability training at Core Concepts, the pain has lessen to a degree that my migraines are gone. I finally get to have a good night’s sleep!”

Tan Lin Chueen, Executive

“I work out quite regularly at a gym and do relatively heavy weights. I guess the heavy loads finally took a toll on my lower back. I was all stiff and in too much pain to continue with my workouts, disrupting my training. Sylvia has helped me tremendously with my core’s stability to support my back. I am now back for my regular gym sessions.”

Woon Yow Neng, Real Estate Agent

“I suffer from severe scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine) with spondylosis in the neck for the past 15 years. The pain was agonising to even just walk some 250 metres. Now after strengthening my core, I can go for my daily 3-km walks relatively pain free”

Dr. Peter Chua, Retired Medical Practitioner

“My lower back was always in pain if I sat or stood for too long. Today, after starting with Core Concepts, I am physically more agile and the pain is a lot less and occurs less frequently..”

Alvin Ch’ng, Director

“I used to have bad headaches due to the strain in my neck. After core stability training with Core Concepts, the headaches are gone and I am back to my active lifestyle.”

Robert Hutchison,  Vice-President Brand Consulting

“Anyone who has slipped discs like me knows that the pain can sometime be simply excruciating. Long hours at work at the desk certainly don’t help with the pain. Since I started with the Core Concepts, my pain has noticeably diminished.

Tay Sok Leng,
Manager – Treasury

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