Start Your Physiotherapy Career with Core Concepts

Core Concepts is a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapy group practice. With 4 clinic locations islandwide, Core Concepts treats and serves a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions including orthopaedics, women’s health, chronic pain conditions and sports injury management.

At Core Concepts, two things stand out, doing our best clinically for our clients and expecting the best from our team to grow and improve continuously.

Training and Career Development for Therapists

Unlike small practices where career development opportunities are limited, at Core Concepts, our size and pace of growth allow us to offer hospital-like developmental opportunities with one main distinction. Our training and career development programmes are geared towards those who have a clear idea on their desired areas of focus and speciality in musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Core Concepts is a strong believer in continuing education. Therapists can expect to participate in regular in-service programmes, clinical tutorials, case studies, internal courses and sponsored external courses.

Core Concepts also believes in teaching as a valuable learning tool. All therapists, regardless of seniority, are expected to participate in teaching and leading some of the in-house training programmes.

Candidates should enjoy working in a fun, high-energy, fast-paced and open environment. Needless to say, candidates should be hard-working and able to work independently within a supportive environment.

Our training programmes are geared towards therapists who know what they wish to specialise in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Extensive training will be provided in a conducive and nurturing environment to bring out the best in people.

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Working at Core Concepts

Hear What They Have To Say

What excites you about working as a physiotherapist in Core Concepts?

What excites me about working in Core Concepts is seeing clients who are motivated to get better and educating them to get out of pain and to stay well. Seeing them back into playing sports post-surgery gives me satisfaction as a physiotherapist. The interaction between colleagues is also an ease and we always have a good time together.

Yiren, Senior Physiotherapist

What do you value most working in Core Concepts?

Lynn Yee, Senior Physiotherapist

As a physiotherapist, regardless of your level of education, and years of experience, there is still plenty to learn when you join clinically and non-clinically. Apart from the training that would help me excel as a physiotherapist, what I value most working in Core Concepts is knowing that I have support regardless of what struggles I have.

Lynn Yee, Senior Physiotherapist

What do you love about the culture in Core Concepts?

Kelvin Teo, Functional Trainer

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ would best describe what I love about the Core Concepts culture. It’s the belief and effort to develop the individual, leveraging and sharing expertise, and encouraging teamwork that enables our clients to maximise their rehab potential. Having joined this industry to do just that, the Core Concepts culture and environment has enabled me to become a better trainer”

Kelvin Teo, Senior Functional Trainer

Currently available vacancies

For more details on the available vacancies, do click on any of the links below. If you’d like to work with us, do email your resume in to and we will get in touch with you!