Physiotherapy in Singapore with Core Concepts

Established in 2003, our physiotherapy Singapore team has successfully treated over 50,000 clients, helping them to experience life fully again.

Having multiple branches in Singapore, each is located near an MRT, or in an easily accessible area, as we have our clients’ comfort and convenience in mind. We are one of the only Singapore physiotherapy clinic groups with a fully integrated team of physiotherapists, massage therapists, and exercise specialists at each location. Our multidisciplinary team ensures each clinician assigned to your case is best suited to help you achieve your treatment goals.

Experts also trust us in the medical field, as our physiotherapists work closely with orthopaedic surgeons and GPs. They are highly rated and strongly recommended by clients who have referred their friends and family suffering from musculoskeletal pains.

Additionally, we work with various insurance partners and medical panels to ensure that our clients can receive quality care and focus on their recovery without worrying about claims or paperwork.

Therefore, when you step into our clinic, you can be assured that you’ll be in good hands, to receive nothing less than top-notch care in our hands.

Book an appointment with us today, and experience life-changing physiotherapy, either for you or a loved one.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a science-based method of treatment, where the patient’s involvement is vital. Instead of simply looking at the cause, and affected area, we take a broader approach, where even your lifestyle, future goals, and any treatments you are currently undergoing are taken into consideration.

Therefore at Core Concept, from the 1st session, you and your physiotherapist will talk about your expectations and any concerns you may have before treatment is performed. You, as the patient, are our top priority,

In physiotherapy, treatment isn’t done through surgery or medication, but through manual therapy, massage therapy, movement, and exercises. We also aim to educate our clients on their conditions, as well as improve their quality of life, which is why our physiotherapists are more than happy to share with you the finer details of your condition, along with in-depth knowledge on how to alleviate as well as prevent it.

Why choose Core Concepts for physiotherapy Singapore?

Being a leading clinic group that provides comprehensive physiotherapy treatments in Singapore, we strive to provide only the best for everyone who walks through our doors.

Singapore Physiotherapy checks on patient neck condition

We are industry leaders in physiotherapy in Singapore with over 20 years of experience! Clients have come to us with problems such as back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, prenatal pain and aches, and complex cases related to muscles, bones, joints, and tendons. With various treatments done by our skilled physiotherapists, we are happy to say that we have many happy and satisfied clients.

Our expertise in resolving musculoskeletal pain and injuries effectively is proven by our highly rated reviews and stellar customer satisfaction levels.

We also have an excellent Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 80, which indicates that the majority of our clients would refer their friends & family to us for their physiotherapy needs. This is compared to the average score of 38 for the healthcare rehabilitation industry.

As our patient, you will be a vital part of the treatment process. We don’t expect our clients to simply blindly listen and follow the treatments we prescribe, but actively participate in the process as we ask for their treatment goals, clarify their doubts, and answer any questions they have.

Choose us as your physiotherapy Singapore provider, and you will find a pleasant experience like none other.

Filing an insurance claim is enough to make anyone imagine a mountain of paperwork, and constant worry whether it will go smoothly or encounter headache-inducing hiccups.

Before deciding on a treatment, the stress of insurance claims is enough to deter many from seeking help, and no one understands that more than we at Core Concept.

With those who may need our help in mind, we partner up with leading insurance partners and medical benefits administrators to make this process smoother. We accept direct billing for selected partners and provide the necessary documents to make the claims process fuss-free for your rehabilitation.

Say goodbye to the pains and aches in your body through physiotherapy, now made easier with us.

If you or a loved one need multiple different treatments, it can be mentally and physically tiring to go from location to location.

We have a multi-disciplinary team of specialist physiotherapists, sports massage therapists and sports trainers who work closely together on each client. This gives us the advantage of being able to resolve your problem more effectively and help you to experience life fully again.

For example, if you have back, and neck pain, and need different treatments, as well as consultation for each, then you can have them all done at a single clinic with Core Concept!

This cuts down on time wasted during travel, letting you save money, as well as energy, as no one likes going home exhausted after a long day of commute.

Physiotherapy services that we provide

We have a diverse and multi-disciplinary team, with physiotherapists, massage therapists and functional trainers who are adept and well-trained to efficiently resolve your musculoskeletal problems by providing the following services.

This is an effective treatment that can relieve pain and soreness in areas of your body. In the hands of our skilled physiotherapist, you’ll only experience minimal discomfort, and dry needling can also be customized to fit the needs of our clients.

Poor foot postures can cause pain in your feet as well as affect other parts of your body. With orthotic fittings, walking can be a much more pleasant activity than before.

Constantly sitting at your desk or having a hectic schedule can affect not only your physical but also your psychological health. As we spend one-third of our day at work, why not make it as pleasant as possible with Workplace Health?

Stretching before a sports activity is important to prevent injuries, and with Facilitated Stretch Therapy, our physiotherapist will guide you in performing a series of stretches designed to improve your flexibility and mobility.

A series of customizable exercises that even suits pregnant women! It is not only for athletes, as the intensity of Pilates can also be changed to suit all of our client’s needs.

We all want to be at our best before a sporting activity or competition, let us help you with a Sports Massage. Simply step into our clinic, and our physiotherapist will do all the work! This is a pleasurable experience that will see you coming back again and again.

Does Core Concept provide physiotherapy for complex cases?

Yes! We provide help for complex cases related to muscles, bones, joints, and tendons. We also work with nerve injuries and post-surgery rehabilitation making our clinic the preferred choice for many medical experts such as orthopedic surgeons and doctors.

Conditions and pains that our physiotherapists treat

To be on the most optimal path of recovery, you will need an accurate diagnosis through a knowledgeable medical care provider, combined with efficient treatments or therapy.

Our physiotherapists create personalized physiotherapy care plans to effectively relieve pain and restore your health and mobility. They also take steps to ensure that you’re knowledgeable on how to prevent future injuries.

One of the most common complaints amongst our clients. No longer affected the elderly, even youths have begun seeking help for this in increasing numbers. Hunching over electronics for work and school, including poor posture, and constant lifting of heavy objects, are leading causes for back pain.

Another common cause of discomfort that we have heard regularly from those who contact us, our clients come from all ages and walks of life. There can be a variety of causes for neck pain, and this condition can come together with other pains.

An annoying condition as it restricts the movement of your arm, and can greatly inconvenience your day, especially if your occupation needs constant moving or lifting of objects. The cause of shoulder pain can range from sports injuries to accidents, injuries, as well as trauma.

Imagine not being able to walk without pain or stiffness, it will be a sure way to spoil your day. Knee pain can also be a serious condition if you’ve recently injured or suffered trauma to the area. From overuse to accidents, it is better to be safe side and consult a physiotherapist, or doctor for further steps on how to treat it.

A new addition to your family is a great cause for celebration! But it also comes with certain pains that could make it uncomfortable. Prenatal pains can range from back pain to pelvic pain, or other musculoskeletal conditions. Do you know? Physiotherapy at Core Concepts is a safe and effective way to alleviate prenatal pains. Absolutely no medication or surgery is used in any of our treatments!

For budding and established athletes, as well as, sports enthusiasts, having a sports injury can seem like the end of the world. But here at Core Concepts, we have a variety of treatments to suit your condition, from dry needling, to Pilates, and manual, as well as massage therapy.

Core Concepts multi-disciplinary team for physiotherapy Singapore

With a highly dedicated and diverse team, we are well-equipped to address your different and unique musculoskeletal conditions, as well as any pain or aches you may have.

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Where are our Physiotherapy Singapore clinics located?

Our clients have access options to Core Concepts Singapore physiotherapy clinics, with five physio clinics located near you at convenient locations from MRT stations or are otherwise easily accessible, with extended hours at some locations.

You are at the Center of Everything We Do

Hear more about us from our clients on how the physiotherapy services we provide can help you!

Core Concepts
Based on 1256 reviews
Pei Qian Lim
Pei Qian Lim
09:30 22 Dec 22
Had a great experience with the therapist Nicole - who treated my BPPV and I was discharged after two sessions! High recommended for the good professionalism and caring and encouraging nature.
Great service! I enjoyed my test because of their good gesture. Thank you everyone.
Jud L
Jud L
12:39 22 Nov 22
Very professional and friendly services here at core concepts. I tore my ACL and did my physio pre surgery at the Tampines outlet and post surgery at their parkway outlet. Both outlets are clean and hygienic.PhysioTherapist Samuel Ong (Tampines outlet) and Sarita (Parkway parade) were both superb in their knowledge and really helped accelerate my recovery process. Felicia (Tampines) and Sufian (Parkway) who both helped in the PT sessions were very encouraging and gave super useful tips.They target to help you heal towards your goal (eg going back to sports) with a plan. They also guide patients very clearly with videos and an app that helps to remind us to work on the exercises at home lest we forget. Also, the kind and friendly service staff at the registration counter always makes it a very welcoming trip to core concepts!Overall, I would highly recommend anyone looking for a physio to try core concepts - all their outlets are great !! 🙂
Yeelin Chua
Yeelin Chua
13:01 15 Jun 22
Fractured my elbow (capitellum fracture) while playing skateboard one month ago, went for an elbow surgery and was referred for physiotherapy rehab with core concepts after that. Elbow super stiff after surgery, my physiotherapists (Samuel Ong & Grace ) together with the team, did a wonderful job in helping me to gain back my elbow strength and range of motion, while managing my expectations along the journey. Staff over the counter is very helpful and friendly too. Lots of patience, support and encouragement from everyone from Core, making my rehab journey with them definitely a positive one!
Joyce Tan
Joyce Tan
03:01 17 Sep 22
Been with Core Concepts for about 5-6 sessions and it has been a great experience thus far. Great customer service by Joanna and PT Samuel & Grace + Exercise Specialist Felicia were all professional and very encouraging! Kudos to the team! Been feeling better after each session 🙂
Suraj Kamath
Suraj Kamath
04:31 12 Dec 22
Great instructors and therapists. Listen well and provide intelligent and patient advice and interventions.
Ferrain Gan
Ferrain Gan
08:30 06 Jul 22
Amazingly friendly front desk and staff, who always made me feel comfortable! Had Ken, Isaac and Elliot, treat me over I think 7 weeks, and Daphnne helped to book my sessions! Would definitely return should I need further help!
Kaynen Khoo
Kaynen Khoo
09:05 24 Feb 23
A very nice guy with a great sense of humour. Since he plays basketball as well, it was really easy to relate to my injury. He highlighted a lot of important areas to be improved, gives the explanation in great detail.Also being able to work within the timeline and whenever I ask questions, he gives a very brief explanation and addresses all of my concerns. One of the best physiotherapist I have ever met. Thanks a bunch! 🙏
Megha Banerji
Megha Banerji
05:06 03 Nov 22
Lynn was a great therapist. I went to her with a painful neck and shoulder Injury. She was extremely patient with me helping ease the pain and helping with my back and neck mobility. Within 2 sessions my pain went from unbearable to back to almost normal. Thank you.
Stephen Menzel
Stephen Menzel
09:12 16 Aug 22
Lenia , Elliot and the team got me back to full fitness with my shoulder no time. Great job excellent service Thank you all. Steve M

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