What to do when your back hurts so much that you can’t get out of bed?

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If your back suddenly hurts so much even to move up into a sitting position to get out of bed, it is likely that your spinal joints are severely inflamed and your back muscles are spasm-ing (twitching).


What you NEED to do

  • Reduce the inflammation:
    • Either take an anti-inflammatory medication (tablet or injection). GP prescription may be required.
    • If it is too painful even to go see the GP,
      • Apply a COLD press to the sore/painful area.
      • Take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory (e.g. Voltaren Gel / Tablet). This is a weaker form of anti-inflammatory medication than what you will get from your GP.
  • Rest to let your body heal and reduce the inflammation naturally.

What NOT to do

  • Apply Heat (either through a hot pack or some of heat rub) You will further aggravate the inflammation.
  • Massage the sore area.

See your physiotherapist only after it doesn't feel so sore or painful the day after.

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  • Marque deshawn

    I think I might have did something bad to my back because I’m in wrestling and while I was wrestling I herd my back pop and it felt like a cramp in my back but 3x worst. It happened 5 days ago and still hurts at this moment. Any ideas on what might have happened