Self Massage for Your Neck & Shoulders

Have you ever had the burning ache in your neck and shoulders as you were working on your computer and yearn for someone to give you a nice, strong massage to ease the strain? Why wait? You can do the massage on your own now!

A self shoulder and neck massage enables you to take a little break from your work. The kneading motions in massage improve circulation in the fatigued muscles, helping the muscles to relax. It can also help to reduce tension and anxiety, promoting a sense of relaxation. You may also want to consider doing some stretching exercises to complement the massages.

Here are 2 videos that shows you how to massage your ache away. Anyone who stays in a static posture for about an hour or more will benefit from this.



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  • Maria

    Hey thanks for the video. It really helps. I should also try on other people like my family and partner.

  • chiropractor seminars

    This video is fantastic, it is really great having a , massage after a long stressful day. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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  • Holistic Massage London

    A massage is a great way to relax, we live in a stressful world and a massage is a luxury which we could all do with from time to time.