Choosing the Right Knee Support

There are more than 10 different types of knee supports on the market at this current time.  This gives us a headache deciding which one should you get. How one makes a choice for the appropriate knee support should depend on 2 major ‘type’ factors:

  • Type of injury

  • Type of sport that knee support is required for

A knee support SHOULD NOT be for long term daily wear as it will weaken the muscles of the knee, making one very dependent on the support. Knee support should be used as a TEMPORARY measure to manage your knee discomfort until professional advice is sought. The best way to manage your knee discomfort is to see your physiotherapist for prescribed exercises that would be beneficial for you and to strengthen your knee.

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Here is a simple guide to 5 of the more common types of knee supports.

Closed Patellar Knee Support

This knee support is generally used to help control slight swelling of the knee and can also be used for jogging or brisk walking. Commonly used with knee pain that is difficult to isolate the area of pain. However, due to the “closed” nature of this knee support, it is not recommended for daily use if you’ve got to climb stairs or squatting. This is because it would compress your knee cap (Patellar bone) against your thigh bone when your knee is bent more than 45o thus increasing the risk of degeneration of the knee cap and increasing your pain.

Open Patellar Knee Support

Similar indication to the closed patellar knee support but this can be used for daily use as it doesn’t compress your knee cap. Recommended for people who have pain behind their knee cap with difficulty climbing stairs or squatting.

Hinged Knee Support

Generally prescribe by orthopedic surgeons or sports physicians for athletes with ligament damage that has been repaired to increase stability and to protect the ligament. This is the ONLY type of support that should be worn every waking hour until advised to remove either by your surgeon or physiotherapist. This support however is not allowed for most sports due to the metal parts of the support.

Adjustable Stabilizing Knee Support

This type of knee support would be suitable for sports if there is no metal support. Normally recommended for athletes who have recovered from ligament injuries and are just starting to go back to sports but still have a slight fear. Gives athletes a fair amount of support.

Patellar tendon support

Commonly for people who complain of pain over the patellar tendon on running or jumping. Purpose of this support is to compress the patellar tendon to dissipate the strain to across the whole tendon and thus decreases pain.-CS

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  • Timothy

    Check out BraceAbility to find a great knee support for a low cost. I had a couple bad injuries before i bought a knee brace and since then i have been injury free!

  • David Prew

    I find that when my knee pain gets really bad, wearing an open patella knee support really helps me out. The open front on the knee support is really handy for letting air in and keeping my knee cool.

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    • support

    Many people wish to wear one thing on the knee simply to
    assist reassure them and build the knee feel more well-off and supported. this
    is often additional common in older athletes wherever there could also be a
    degree of damage and tear (osteoarthritis) within the joint.

  • knee support

    That’s a begin. however it without doubt not the ending
    purpose you will have to be compelled to be compelled to put confidence in. –
    All we’ve got a bent to tend to undertake to mention is that the subsequent
    information can assist you avoid being just drawn to a brace that looks smart
    within the image. Instead, you will acknowledge more why you wish to travel
    beside one vogue over another…

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    What Do Those “Uprights” very Do Anyways!?

    The reason why you may have those uprights there’s to assist
    forestall excessive facet to facet and front to back movements that may cause
    your knee pain or instability to sky rocket! typically, once individuals have
    any level of knee pain or instability you may ought to trust the motions that
    your knee goes through.

  • Pharenheit Ace

    I would only add that an adjustable support always gives a comfortable fit. Size is very important when considering support.

  • knee support

    my knee pain delicate, moderate or severe? have confidence the worst case
    situations here, and record your answer.

  • knee pain

    Usually, you wish to aim to possess that hinge at intervals
    the middle of your knee cap, however horizontal to the kneecap if you
    acknowledge what we’ve got an inclination to tend to mean.

  • Marlon

    my knee support helps to lessen the pain.But my knee support is very fit to my knee and i think my blood didnt flow down to my foot,,,, is it bad?

  • Alexis

    So I have patella alta and I’m a cross country runner with an open kneecap brace. But it is a slip on. Is that okay for running?

  • Marcel

    Hi I am planning to go for 4 days skiing and need a brace for my knee. Which brace would give the best protection? thanks