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Back Pain – A Modern Day Epidemic

Our modern lifestyle in Singapore has many benefits but the added stress and lack of exercise has also introduced multiple discomforts in our backs. Here’s how you can with physiotherapy prevent the common causes of back pain.

Physiotherapy for Musculoskeletal Pains

Since 2003, our physiotherapists are committed with the highest standard of care, employing evidence based treatment approaches. Our physiotherapists focus on understanding the root cause of your injuries to better resolve them. They work closely with surgeons and doctors to ensure the optimal management of your injury.

Almost 1 in 2 elderly suffer from knee pain

42% of elderly Singaporeans suffer from knee pain, yet nearly half of them choose to suffer in silence or self-medicate. Find out how you can prevent it with physiotherapy at Core Concepts.

Largest Physiotherapy Group

We are the largest private physiotherapy group practice in Singapore specialising in musculoskeletal conditions – problems that affect the muscles, bones and joints such as back pains and neck pains.

Our 8 clinics are open across Singapore with extended hours at some locations.

Get Better, Stay Better

Our team of physiotherapists, functional trainers, pilates instructors, yoga instructors and sports massage therapists work together to ensure you get back on your feet post-injury and stay functionally fit for your activities.

Find Us

We operate several physiotherapy clinics across Singapore. Our clinics are generally located near MRT stations or are otherwise easily accessible.

Qualified and Registered

Our physiotherapists are qualified from leading institutions from Singapore, Australia, UK, and the US. They are all registered with the Ministry of Health in Singapore.

Leading Physiotherapy Group Practice

Since 2003, we are the largest private physiotherapy practice group in Singapore that firmly believes in the one-on-one approach, tackling each case with a fresh view to resolve your pain.

Evidence Based Approach

Our approach and the physiotherapy techniques we apply are grounded in evidence based medicine to fixed your underlying pain condition.

Multi-Specialty Team

Our multi-speciality team of physiotherapists and wellness instructors has the perspectives and depth to focus and drill down to the underlying cause.

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You can easily request for a physiotherapy or fitness appointment through any of the 3 convenient ways below with your preferred date, time and clinic location. Our staff will be happy to help allocate you to the first available appointment slot that best fits your convenience.

via Telephone

Call our central-line at
+65 6226 3632

via SMS

SMS your name, preferred date, time and clinic location to +65 9232 2661

via Email

Email your preferred physiotherapy appointment slot to or use our online booking form